What’s New at ColoHouse – May 2017

  • What’s New at ColoHouse – May 2017
    • September 9 2020

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    At ColoHouse, we want to make sure that we are providing the best and most reliable services to our customers. It is our number one priority to ensure we complete any routine maintenance and are compliant with any manufacture updates for our equipment.

    Additionally, ColoHouse is an industry leader in customer service according to our most recent Net Promoter Score and we want to continue providing world-class customer support by keeping our end of the Service Letter Agreement. To read more on our NPS, click here.

    Here are our highlights from 2017’s first quarter:
    – 100% Service Level Agreement (responded to all tickets within the hour)
    – Successful Quarterly HVAC Preventative Maintenance
    – Completed UPS Maintenance

    These are the rest of the facility updates for 2017:
    – Cold Aisle Containment
    – 3rd HVAC in MIA II
    – Expanding power capacity in MIA I

    If you have any questions about any of the services we are completing or have any recommendations on how we can improve, please email us at operations@colohouse.com

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