This Managed Services Agreement (“Agreement”) is a component of the Master Services Agreement (“MSA”) between ColoHouse dba Netrouting (“ColoHouse”) and Customer (“Customer”).  The purpose of this Agreement is to outline the managed service standards by which ColoHouse ensures to deliver Managed Services to Customer.  Subject to the terms and conditions of the MSA, ColoHouse will use commercially reasonable efforts to deliver Managed Services in accordance with the rigorous Service Level Objectives (“SLA Objectives”) set forth below.  The SLA Objectives and Service Level Credits specified below do not apply to any Customer Equipment and/or any issues or disruptions arising therefrom or a Force Majeure event.


Customer is committing to ColoHouse Managed Services for network infrastructure, meaning that ColoHouse will take operational control over all switches, routers and other equipment as specified in the “Managed Services Assets List”, on the final page of this Agreement.


ColoHouse agrees to monitor, secure, maintain and optimize the network devices and the physical network infrastructure underlying the Managed Services on a 24x7x365 basis. Customer agrees that the Managed Services are subject to the technical limitations of the devices being managed and the equipment and our infrastructure.


ColoHouse is committing to a monthly 99.5% uptime.


ColoHouse will use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that Customer receives the best support available, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week as outlined in the Guarantees in paragraph 6


The ColoHouse response and resolution standards apply only to critical errors impacting Customer’s infrastructure.

1. Example: A router which is offline is considered a critical error whereas a prefix list update request is not.

– A failure to provide redundancy: If at management level, a router part of the infrastructure’s redundancy is operating at a degraded performance.

– Missing configuration backups. If backups of router configuration are not available.

2. Other common problems that are considered critical are not limited to:

– A configuration change: such as configuring a new vlan or subnet.

– An inactive or non-functioning link or session with ColoHouse or third-party carrier that is not crucial to the fault tolerance of the infrastructure.


In adherence to this commitment, ColoHouse commits that:

7. NOTIFICATIONS ColoHouse will use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that Customer is proactively informed of any changes, scheduled maintenance and critical maintenance.


Managed Services may not be available at certain times as a result of technical difficulties or equipment malfunctions; during scheduled maintenance; or as a result of circumstances beyond reasonable control.


Customer will open a ticket via the ColoHouse Netrouting Managed Services portal or send an email to Customer may escalate a ticket at any time by calling our 24x7x365 Network Operations Center at +1-305-709-0539.



ColoHouse will offer Managed Services if and only when Customer complies with common industry standards in terms of deployment of redundant network equipment and connections. For example: ColoHouse will not guarantee a 99.5% uptime guarantee if Customer is operating their network on one (1) router and one (1) public internet connection.

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