Infographic: Proposal to Invoice

  • Infographic: Proposal to Invoice
    • June 29 2018

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    At ColoHouse, we have experienced all types of buyers in all stages.

    We wanted to make sure when you are looking for colocation, you know what you should be asking and where you should be paying close attention.

    Here are some tips:

    • From the initial conversation with your sales rep, be honest; they want to provide you the best solution for your business that meets your budget.

    • Speaking of budget, be REALISTIC. Colocation is real estate for your servers. You will pay a premium to be in a metropolitan city just like you would pay in the housing market.

    • Your colocation does not want you to be surprised by any fine print; if you have any questions or concerns, address them during the sales process. After you sign, you lose all power to negotiate.

    To read more useful tips, click on the button to download our infographic. 

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