Industry News Roundup

  • Industry News Roundup
    • November 17 2020

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    The ColoHouse Industry News Roundup consists of the latest industry trends and news.

    8 Questions You Should Be Asking After the Amazon Outage
    According to Business Insider, more than 150,000 websites were affected and S&P companies lost an estimated $150M to $160M as a result of the outage. But, interestingly enough, and its sister site,, were not affected AT ALL and the reason is simple: they didn’t put all of their eggs in one basket.
    Source: ColoHouse Blog

    The World’s 6 Weirdest Data Centers
    Pretty “cool”!! (read it and you will get my pun!)
    Source: Fortune

    Colocation growth despite increased hyperscaler demand
    Despite the growth of hyperscale data centres, colocation facilities will continue to thrive in the digital age
    New research conducted by IDC has found that while 2017 represents a massive year for hyperscale data centres, this will not be at the expense of colocation facilities.
    Source: Information Age

    The Evolving Effects of IoT: Data Center Demands & Opportunities
    An increasingly popular technology buzzword over the last few years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has created excitement, fear, and wonder among everyone from IT professionals to analysts. Gartner estimates 26 billion IoT devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020, while Cisco predicts 50 billion. Either way, these devices will generate massive amounts of data that will inevitably make their way to a data center.
    Source: ECN Magazine Online

    Study Shows About Two-Thirds of Enterprise Workloads Remain In-House
    Is the cloud killing off on-premises datacenters? It’s a major fear of IT admins everywhere: that their jobs will be outsourced as companies move their IT operations to public platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.
    A new report may have those admins breathing easier — at least for the time being.
    Shortly after DatacenterDynamics asked the question, “When Will Cloud Kill In-House Facilities?” the answer seems to be “not for a while,” judging by a new report that says “the vast majority of enterprise IT workloads are hosted in enterprise-owned and colocation datacenters.”

    Cloud v. Data Center: Key trends for IT decision-makers
    Cloud-based compute, networking and storage infrastructure, and cloud-native applications, are now firmly on the radar of CIOs — be they in startups, small businesses or large enterprises. So much so that, whereas a few years ago the question facing them was “Which workloads should I move to the cloud?”, it’s now becoming “Which, if any, workloads should I keep on-premises?”. While most organizations will probably end up pursuing a hybrid cloud strategy in the medium term, it’s worth examining this turnaround, and the reasons behind it.
    Source: ZDNet

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