Customer Feature: Atlantic Biologicals

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    Customer Feature: Atlantic Biologicals
    • December 18 2021

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    Established in 1999, Atlantic Biologicals offers a comprehensive portfolio of top selling pharmaceutical products at competitive prices. Headquartered in South Florida with distribution centers throughout the United States, Atlantic Biologicals services hospitals, physicians’ offices, oncology clinics, diagnostic centers, freestanding clinics, and home infusion facilities.

    Rene Castillo, Network Administrator at Atlantic Biologicals, states, “Selecting ColoHouse as our data center provider has allowed us to maintain our reputation for providing impeccable service for our customers. The redundant infrastructure, knowledgeable and responsive Operations Team along with added security measures at ColoHouse support our mission to ensure the safe and ethical distribution of our products. ColoHouse enhances the quality of our service offering, allowing us to provide cutting-edge solutions with the highest level of integrity.”

    With growing concerns regarding the integrity of the pharmaceutical supply chain, Atlantic Biologicals places high priority on providing products that have undergone all necessary precautions and are licensed to comply with all federal, state, and local laws, and any regulations that are stipulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. By providing flexible, reliable solutions backed by 24/7 support and onsite security, ColoHouse assists Atlantic Biologicals in providing innovative solutions to a variety of healthcare providers at the highest standards possible.

    Paul Bint, ColoHouse CEO, states, “Atlantic Biologicals delivers high quality pharmaceutical products throughout South Florida and the U.S., ensuring that healthcare providers are able to receive the best products and solutions at the best price for their business needs. We look forward to continuing to provide the hosting environment to support their mission.”

    If you’d like to learn more about Atlantic Biologicals, please visit

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