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  • Customer Feature: UPX Technologies
    Afbeelding UPX technologies
    • September 9 2020

    UPX Technologies has been a ColoHouse customer since 2015. UPX Technologies was a trail blazer in Brazil, pioneering the way for rich content distribution using a different network concept than the status quo. Today, UPX specializes in providing secure IP transit, Content Delivery Netw...

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  • 8 Questions You Should Be Asking After the Amazon Outage
    Afbeelding van een computer scherm: Amazong S3, simple, durabel, massively scalable object storage
    • December 18 2021

    By now if you have not heard about Amazon’s S3 outage, you must be living under a rock. According to Business Insider, more than 150,000 websites were affected and S&P companies lost an estimated $150M to $160M as a result of the outage. But, interestingly enough, Amazon....

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  • Customer Feature: Atlantic Biologicals
    Afbeelding logo Atlantic biologica
    • December 18 2021

    Established in 1999, Atlantic Biologicals offers a comprehensive portfolio of top selling pharmaceutical products at competitive prices. Headquartered in South Florida with distribution centers throughout the United States, Atlantic Biologicals services hospitals, physicians’ offices, oncology cl...

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  • Colocation Cabinets: Key Considerations for your Deployment
    Afbeelding van groene kabels
    • December 18 2021

    Colocation cabinets help you to organize and secure your data assets, including servers and other IT equipment, within the data center. To best tailor the colocation space to your business needs, the data center provider should offer a range of colocation cabinet options. The solution should ultima...

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  • Data Center Migration: A Brief Overview
    Afbeelding kabels in het paars, groen, blauw
    • July 19 2021

    The decision to undergo a data center migration is complex. As a significant change within the business, migrations have the potential to disrupt business operations if the proper preparation and execution measures are not in place. Compiling migration initiatives is essential to mitigating risk du...

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